The Christ Baby Theology

The Son of God entered the world due to the rebellious nature of mankind, the breaker one law after another in a Universe created by the perfect and holy God of heaven. Hopelessly facing the consequences of his own black deeds and desperately needing deliverance he cannot grant himself. Such deliverance required a Savior. But unlike whimsical man whose concepts of justice are flawed, the mercy of a perfect God is limited to the confines of His knowledge of what true justice is. For to do otherwise would relegate Himself to imperfection. As such with the sin of the world needing to be dealt with the perfect justice of God required a payment sufficient to cover that unspeakable debt. Dark sins practiced by billions of people over thousands of years. Uncounted murders, thievery, adulteries, lies, persecutions, hatreds, deceptions, injustices and others too numerous to be named. In His perfect knowledge He determined there was only one action within the boundaries of perfect justice capable of fulfilling payment of so colossal a debt. Such vast debt required an infinite payment. This daunting prospect left only one alternative. The saddling of all sin debt on the back of His Holy Son. Receiving His death as payment in full. Since the value of this payment could not be measured, it would be sufficient to wipe clean the slate for mankind. A staggering choice for any father. But the only one capable of fulfilling perfect justice while allowing His mercy to be bestowed upon wayward man.